6 Best DLL Files Fixer Software For Windows.

6 Best DLL Files Fixer Tools

What is a DLL Files Fixer?

A Dynamic Link Libraries or DLL Files Fixer is a kind of DLL repair tool which is used to fix any kind of DLL error that occurs in the Windows platform. A Windows computer system consists of various kinds of DLL files, sometimes these files get corrupted and missing due to some reasons, at this point of time a repair tool called DLL Files Fixer is used.

There are several free DLL repair tools available in the market. But the problem with these free tools is they are untrusted and sometimes they carrying malware and virus which may harm your computer. So, the conclusion is if you use free DLL repair tools, that is similar to give your valuable data in an unsafe hand. In this circumstance, it will be better for you to choose a paid DLL file fixer, i.e a safe and secure way to fix your DLL related problem.

While working on Windows Operation System sometimes your PC got stuck and you can’t figure out, what problem exactly your PC faces. You let examine your PC in order to find out the existing DLL missing error of your computer. For such kind of situation, the DLL files fixer plays an important role to fix DLL file error quickly and efficiently and providing relief to you without consuming any time.

There may be several reasons for the occurrence of the DLL file missing error. Some of them are given here..

  • DLL error occurs when low disk space in the computer.
  • If the printer driver installed improperly.
  • If the third-party software installed incorrectly.
  • If the hardware driver damaged or having an incorrect version.
  • If DLL registry entry invalid or corrupt.
  • Due to failure of driver update.
  • Due to virus and malware infections.

Today is the age of information and technology you can get many methods which promise you to fix any kind of DLL file related error, some of them are free and some of them works manually, but it is not necessary that it also works for you in a similar way, as what they promised. In most cases, your system may get trap by viruses and malware. Therefore, it is very necessary that, if you want to touch any system file to repair it, be careful maybe it harms your system. In such a condition, there is only one way that is DLL files fixer.

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There are several paid DLL fixer providers available in the market. They have a reliable record in this field for a long time. And they claim on their product, through guarantee and Security. Some of them claim to return money back in a certain duration too, in case if DLL fixer will not work.

I am going to share some best DLL Files Fixer, which helps you to fix any kind of DLL error in Windows on your own when you face it.



Advanced System Optimizer is one of the most advanced powerful DLL fixer tools that you can use for several purposes. It is a product of SysTweak Software which mainly deals with high-quality software solutions. It repairs the DLL file errors occurring due to invalid or corrupt registry entry. This application works as a DLL repair tool on all Windows platforms like Windows 10, Windows 8,7, Vista, and XP. In addition to acting as a DLL fixer tool, as I said earlier, you can also use this tool for several purposes like Disk Cleaner & Optimizer, System Security & Privacy, Windows Optimizers.

2. Glarysoft Registry Repair

Best-DLL-Error-Repair-Tool-Glarysoft Registry-Repair

Glarysoft Ltd. is a professional and high-quality software development company, which mainly focuses on system software, multimedia, and network-related software. Glarysoft Registry Repair is a simple, lighter, fast, and straightforward DLL repair tool. It is a complete solution that allows you to clean, scan and repair corrupted DLL file occur due to invalid registry entry. Glarysoft Registry Repair tool consists of a highly intelligent engine that is capable to finds invalid registry entries. It also has a high scanning speed that allows to make backups of changes made in the registry and improve performance and provide stability to the system. This application is available in many international languages. This application is initially for with limited functionality.
If we talk about the pricing of Glarysoft Registry Repair, the company provides a 1-year subscription at the cost of $19.97. That is not too high if you look at the advanced features of this application provided by the company. In case you are not satisfied with the services provided by this application, then you can claim your money back within 90 days.

3. CCleaner


CCleaner is one of the most popular PC cleaning tool known worldwide. It is a tool that is used to check the health of your PC by analyzing data and then fix it quickly. Apart from the cleaning process, you can also use it as a DLL fixer in the Windows Operating System. It automatically updates your software to close security loopholes and runs faster. Outdated applications are easy to hunt by cyber attackers. So CCleaner finds out and closes all the security loopholes before they got attacked by cyber attackers. While expending the Registry tab, you can select an option called ‘Missing Shared DLLs’. Now click on ‘Scan for Issues’ that opens a list of all the missing DLLs files in a table with many parameters. While using CCleaner as a DLL Files Fixer, you can fix DLL issues by clicking on the ‘Fix Selected Issues’ button. It is one of the world’s famous PC optimization tool trusted by millions. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use, and the single click cleaning option makes it easy for any user to optimize it.

If we talk about pricing CCleaner has three versions to choose from. The first version is free with few functionalities like Faster Computer and Privacy Protection only, there is no option such as health checkup, software updater, realtime monitoring, Scheduled Cleaning, Premium Support. The second is the professional version has a price of $19, which includes all the functionality which is missing in the free version. The third is the professional plus version contains some extra features like Disk Defragmentation, File Recovery, Hardware Inventory with a price of $29.95.

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4. DLL-Files Client

Best DLL-Repair-Tool-DLL-Files-Client

DLL-Files is one of the best company for DLL file related error since 1998, services to millions of people around the globe. This DLL Files Fixer tool is now discontinued. Apart from this, it is one of the best DLL Files Fixer that’s widely known over the globe and it is still available if you want to purchase it. DLL-Files Client is famous worldwide because of its multi-purpose functionality to solve any kind of DLL related error in just a snap and return your computer and software to a complete active state. This application is design in such a way that, it is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Systems and all Windows versions, including Windows 10, Windows8, Windows 7, etc.
When it comes to pricing, the DLL-Files Client is flexible and very low in price. As you can expect, the complete plan costs around $9.53 that is very cheap and best. The functionality offered in this DLL Files Fixer is uncomparable with the price.

5. DLL Suite


DLL Suite has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to use. It is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Systems and made as a DLL error repair tool and corrupted file recovery tool for Windows Operating System. DLL Suite is a DLL Files Fixer, built-in such a way that it can fix DLL errors, fix SYS file errors, fix EXE file errors quickly, download and update missing DLL files and repair corrupted files for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP Operating System.

This DLL Files Fixer offers a plan of $9.99 for 3 PCs, only for 7 days, and having a 14-days money-back guarantee on licence plan. If you are not satisfied with DLL Suite within the 14 days of purchase they offer you to get your full refund back.

6. DLL Care

It is an advanced DLL Files Fixer software tool that comes with a free version for Windows platforms. DLL Care might be a good option for complete care of your computer with features like cleaning, optimizing your computer, and defragment the registry files. Apart from discovering and fixing missing DLL error files, it also provides shields for your system from unauthorized access of malware including spyware, Multipartite virus, Adware, Trojan, Worms, viruses, etc.

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