Krisp Review: Does Noise Cancellation App Really Work

Krisp review Does Noise Cancellation App Really Work
Trusted Noise Cancellation App

Why Noise Cancellation App is the Most Important for Remote Workers?

Since Covid 19 started, as a result, the importance of the noise cancellation app is known to the people because most companies have asked their employees to work from home, thus very few people are being called to the office. Therefore, this pandemic situation has forced all companies to conduct virtual interactions through video conferencing, virtual meetings, conference calls, live training, virtual interviews, online meetings, and other on-screen interactions instead of face-to-face interactions.

In such conditions, it becomes more important for an employee to organize his work in such a way that he can handle these calls in a professional way.

Background Noise Cancellation and Echo Removal app
Krisp: solution for background noise and echo

Defficult to attent a call from noisy area

However, it is very easy to attend any kind of online call when you are sitting in a place where there is no background noise, but it becomes troublesome when there is noise around you. Usually, when you attend any audio or video calls remotely, you don’t have full grip over the surrounding noises. There might be noise coming from the barking of the dog, the screaming of the children, the AC clicking, or any other reason.

In such a situation, you may also hear when you’re on a call someday that “Sorry, but can you mute your mic?”. So, can you imagine how you would feel after hearing such a voice? That makes you look inexperienced and unprofessional at work.

How can you ensure that you can have a professional online meeting experience? Particularly, when working in a noisy environment, where you don’t have complete control over the noises?

The answer is Krisp.

The answer is Krisp. This is the right place where Krisp comes to play a vital role in your professional life. In this detailed review, in all honesty, we’ll cover each and every aspect of Krisp that you need to know before going to make a buying decision. You’ll learn how Krisp can give you complete control over the noises around you and help you to stay professional in a noisy environment.

advantage of  Krisp noise cancellaion app
Advantage of Krisp

If you are a professional then you have to understand that, how audio and video calls have become an integral part of our life mainly in this pandemic. The final thing you need to know that, how you can cancel noise around you during the call conversation by maintaining your professionalism.

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What is Krisp’s noise cancellation app?

Krisp is the first AI(Artificial Intelligence) based noise cancellation app, designed to filter out all those background noises that disturb your call. In this way, Krisp empowers everyone to communicate with clarity and confidence. Krisp can easily configure with all the network communication channels like conferencing apps, speakers, headphones, and microphones. Krisp provides a surrounding noise reduction facility for both outbound and inbound calls in any complex situations – home, call centers, shared workspaces, coffee shops, and others to provide a consistent, high-performance user experience across all devices and environments. It has the ability to automatically detects the device you’re using and filter out the noises. It comes with the recording capability of both caller and callee voice, in order to record what you speak through the device of your choice.

Too much noise during your online meetings? Use Krisp to mute it all at once. No one on the other side of the call will hear a thing

How Does Krisp Work?

Krisp noise cancellation app uses Deep Neural Network
Krisp noise cancellation app uses Deep Neural Network

Krisp noise suppression app uses Deep Neural Network-based AI technology. Also, this Neural Network has been trained by using more than 20 thousand different noises, 50 thousand distinct speakers, and over 2.5 thousand hours of audio. In this way, the developers of Krisp developed their algorithm, so that it can easily detect the difference between the noise and the voice, and filter out the noise easily.

Krisp extra layer for microphone and speaker

Krisp added an arrangement of the extra layer that acts as a middleman between your personal microphone/speaker and conferencing apps, which doesn’t allow any noise to move through it.
Its working principle is based on just a one-click button which gives you a choice to activate the noise reduction functionality for any call. You can make it either on or off the noise cancellation. As you turn it on, due to its versatile nature it automatically integrates with the desired app of your choice.

Is Krisp AI secure or safe to use?

Your data privacy is one of the highest priorities for Krisp. That is the reason, why Krisp processes all voice audio data on the end user’s local machine. Krisp doesn’t allow you to store or send any kind of your voice data on the server or cloud. Krisp claims that they have strict data policies regarding user privacy.

What noises does Krisp Speaker cancel?

Krisp speaker is a virtual device, which means that the speaker is created automatically on the device when you install it. As we know that, this application has been trained by using 20 thousand different noises such as animal and nature sounds, construction noise, Street & traffic noise, keyboard and mouse clicks, Echo, etc. So Krisp speaker can easily detect and removes all the other noises except the human voice.

types of background noises that Krisp can remove
different kinds of noise and echo that Krisp can remove

Is Krisp Noise Cancelling Free?

If you want to use Krisp for free, then you can get the benefit every week with a limited option of 240 minutes for muting the noise of the microphone and speaker as well. If you have a requirement to use more than 240 minutes per week in this situation you have to upgrade with affordable paid plans offered by Krisp on monthly basis.

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Krisp Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Apart from its free (Personal) plan, Krisp provides three pricing plans.

Krisp noise reduction Pricing Plans
Krisp Pricing Plans

The first one is ‘Personal Pro‘.

  • Personal Pro: The first one is ‘Personal Pro‘. In this plan, you have an option to create a team of 3 members only, for which you have to pay $5/month per seat, if you’re an annual subscriber of Krisp Personal Pro and you have to pay $12/month per seat, if you’re a monthly subscriber of Krisp Personal Pro. You have a choice of unlimited minutes for muting your microphone and speaker in the Krisp Personal Pro plan. Including all the features of the free version, it supports the SAML SSO security feature to manage employee access with a secure single sign-on, that’s why security is not an issue for the end-user.

The second one plan is ‘Teams’.

  • Teams: The second paid plan is ‘Teams’. This plan works great for remote teams also for those teams members who work from a remote place. Krisp Teams plan allows you to create remote teams of up to 50 people for which you have to pay $5/month per user when billed yearly and pay $8 per user per month when billed monthly.
    In this plan, including all the above-mentioned Personal Pro features, you have a choice to get an admin panel, in order to manage the team members, centralized billing, etc. By adding the unique feature of priority support Krisp takes your user experience to the next level. It means that your issue will be put on a higher priority in order to resolve it immediately by the Krisp team.

The third one plan is ‘Enterprise’.

  • Enterprise: The third paid plan is ‘Enterprise’. As the name itself says, the Krisp Enterprise plan is best suited for call centers, big enterprises, and other larger businesses. In this plan, along with the features of the Krisp Teams plan you get additional VDI support, Enterprise-grade security. You have executive business reviews and dedicated 24/7 Premium support to resolve your issues in this plan. Here the pricing of this plan depends on the necessities of your company. You need to contact with Krisp sales team to get more information about the price of the Enterprise plan.
  • Does Krisp provide any discounts?

    Yes, in case if you have a large team or more people you have added to your team, then you can contact for the discount to the sales team of Krisp at for more details.

    Why Should You Use Krisp Noise Cancelling App?

    There might be many reasons in favor of Krisp that force you to use it.
    This ai based application has been developed in such a way that it is dedicated to eliminating background noise. You can cancel the background noises of both outbound and inbound calls.
    It can be automatically configured with 800+ communication apps like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, and many more.

    list of conference apps that Krisp noise cancellation app support
    Krisp works with 800+ conference apps

    Krisp has been honored as one of TIME’s 100 best inventions of 2020 and Forbes AI 50 Most Promising Startups companies of 2020 and also featured on TechCrunch. That why Krisp is widely accepting by people of the whole over the world.

    There is not yet an app that has the capability to cancel noise like Krisp. There are many apps that claim that they can cancel the noise from the background but in reality, they fail to do that. Most conference apps like Zoom Google meet have an inbuilt noise cancellation option but you might be disappointed when this inbuilt feature does not work as per your requirement.
    Privacy is not a concern for you here, because all the data processing takes place on your own local device. There’s no need to worry about your data will not be sent to the server or cloud without your permission.

    How To Install Krisp Noise Reduction Software?

    In order to install Krisp, you do not require any kind of additional or separate hardware in your machine. The basic requirement of your system to install Krisp is as follows.

    For Windows

    Requirement of your system to run Krisp:-

    Operating System 64-bit Windows 10
    CPU Intel®️ Core i3 or upper version
    AMD®️ Ryzen 3 or upper version
    Microsoft .NET Framework NET 4.6.2. or latest version
    system requirements for Windows

    For Mac

    Requirement of your system to run Krisp:-

    Operating System macOS 10.14 Mojave or latest
    CPU Intel®️ Core i3 or higher
    Apple M1 ARM-based chip
    system requirements for Mac

    For Other OS

    Krisp doesn’t support other OS.

    Platform Availability

    This application supports cross-platform and can be used on both the available platforms Mac and Windows. The interface you can get on the Windows platform is given below:

    Krisp noise cancellation app interface on Windows
    interface of Krisp on Windows

    The interface you can get on the Mac platform is given below:

    Krisp noise reduction app interface on Mac
    interface of Krisp on Mac

    You will find the same experience on both Mac and Windows platforms while using this application. I already tested it on both platforms and I found no performance difference between them.

    It is worth using the Krisp Mac app if your system supports the Apple M1 processor through Rosetta 2 emulator. Yet there is no specific ETA available.

    These are the required steps to install the Krisp app on Windows machines and Mac:

    Before installing the Krisp app ensure that your system fulfills all the requirements and prerequisites as mentioned above.

    • Make sure that you have admin rights on Windows
    • Now Create a Krisp account using your email
    • Click on this link to Signup in Krisp noise cancellation app.
    • Now click on ‘Get Krisp for Free’ button.
    • Here, enter your email and click on the ‘Sign up’ button.
    • Check your email for a one-time 6-digit verification code.
    • Paste this one-time verification code into the field showing on your screen.

    Now your account on crisp has been created.

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    Setting up Krisp Noise Cancellation app on your machine

    A property of Krisp that you really like is that it’s compatible and easily configure with any conferencing apps.

    In order to set up the Krisp with your desire conference app, you should follow these three simple steps:

    How to integrate Krisp with google meet
    integration of Krisp with zoom app
    1. Open your desire app and head over to the audio settings.
    2. Navigate to the microphone setting and choose “Krisp microphone”.
    3. Do the same process to Change the speaker to “Krisp Speaker”.

    Once these settings are made, apply them and the app will quickly start filtering out excess noise. Now your colleagues will receive crystal clear voices coming out from your side and you will also experience clear sound from their side.

    Krisp Noise reduction App Alternatives

    For the time being, there are no other alternatives of Krisp, in the market. Krisp is one of the unique products ever built of its kind that concentrates on supporting remote workers to maintain professionalism throughout their conference calls.

    Krisp Noise Cancellation app Honest Reviews & Testimonials:

    These are some reviews that I get from social media like Facebook, Twitter, and other famous reviews websites. These reviews might help you to take the final decision.

    Krisp noise reduction app user experience and review reviews

    Krisp got the best rating for the noise cancellation app. reviews, user experience & testimonials Reviews & Testimonials

    Sources of these reviews:-
    Capterra review link more from capterra

    g2 review link more from g2

    Krisp Noise Suppression App Pros and Cons



    1. It is pretty easy to use with a simple user interface.
    2. Its versatile nature makes it Compatible and easily configure with almost each and every conferencing apps.
    3. Available for both Mac and Windows platforms
    4. No need to worry about privacy, all the data processing takes place of your local machine.
    5. You can turn it on and off with just a one-click button.



    1. Background noise becomes noticeable wherever you’re not talking.
    2. This application is only available as a desktop version for Windows and Mac. But the mobile version is still unavailable.
    3. In some cases, if you are using a simple microphone and sitting too far from your device will reduce your voice completely.
    4. The fee version of Krisp comes with very limited functionality.
    5. On the other hand, sound quality could look degraded to a certain extent, when you turn on the noise cancellation toggle switch.


    Finally, I hope that this article about the Krisp review would helpful for you before you make the purchase decision. I would like to recommend you this app if you are a remote worker and especially working from a place where you don’t have complete control over the noise around you. If you are someone who constantly struggles for a noise-free solution then Krisp can take you out from this struggle.

    After using this noise suppression app you will forget how bad the conference calls get in the noisy environment. The incredible sound quality increases your affinity towards this app in such a way that you will never make any voice call until you connect it with Krisp.

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