What Are The Top 5 CCleaner Alternatives System Cleaner Tool?

CCleaner is one of the most trusted computer cleaner tools used whole over the world as credible software. That all changed last year when piriform the maker of CCleaner was acquired by the security giant Avast. Since then it suffered a serious malware attack by hackers compromising more than 2 million users and more recently there have been privacy concerns regarding their data collection policies. So today I will tell you the top five systems cleaning tools for your P.C. that are the best alternatives to CCleaner. Let’s get started.

5. Wise Disk Cleaner


Beginning our countdown for the most trusted CCleaner alternative system cleaning tools at number five is Wise Disk Cleaner with features that will satisfy both beginners and advanced users. In addition to cleaning up junk files, it deletes temporary files, and all other types of system files, which your system does not need. This system cleaning tool will clear out your internet history cookies and cache files from your browsers. There’s also a disk defragging tool built-in, the speed at the performance of your drives while it’s recommended to defrag a hard disk drive. You should never defrag a solid-state drive because it’s not needed and it will cause unnecessary wear and tear reducing its lifespan.

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The interface is very user friendly. The common cleaner will give you the basic choices for cleaning up your browser, operating system, and other programs you have installed. There’s also an automatic scheduler included on the right to schedule daily weekly or monthly scans. The ‘Advanced Cleaner’ tab will find additional files to free up more space, the ‘Slimming System’ tab gets you the choice to remove files that are no longer needed including installation files. And there’s the ‘Disk Defrag’ tab. As mentioned earlier, if you plan to use the disk defrag tool it’s safe to use this with your hard disk drives. Just uncheck any SSD on your system. Wise Disk Cleaner is completely free and available for systems running Windows XP through Windows 10.

4. Advanced System Care


IObit Advanced System Care is at number 4, which is an advanced system cleaner tool. Their default scan does a great job of cleaning out the junk on your system and can boost your startup speed for quicker load times. It also removes malicious software and adds system holes to keep the rest of your files safe and secure from malware. There’s no denying that Advanced System Care has the coolest interface of any of P.C. cleanup tools. The tabs are nicely organized. The primary tab for cleaning up your P.C. is ‘Clean and Optimize’. There are additional tabs with many options including the ability to speed up your P.C. protecting your system including DNS protection. The toolbox includes optional programs that can be installed. And the action center includes security and performance recommendations and a software updater.

Advance System Care is a free system cleanup tool and has a pro version with additional features for around $29.99 dollars per year. For most people, the pro version contains some extra feature which is not included in the free version. I’ll bet Advance System Care is available for XP through Windows 10. It would have been higher on this list but I found the ads and pop-ups to be very annoying.

3. Privazer

The alternative system cleaner tool at number three position is Privazer which is focused on deeper scans to help protect your personal data. Their feature called Smart Overriding uses special algorithms that adapt to your storage device and they clean your drive. So none of your information is able to be recovered by anyone else. The interface of this system junk cleaner is simple enough to figure out the scan in depth is the default cleaning option. Or you could do an individual category scan with several to choose from. The Privazer is available for Windows XP through Windows 10. It’s free.

2. Glary Utilities


In the runner-up spot at number two is Glary utilities which have more than 20 tools included to improve your computer’s performance. When dumping CCleaner this is the program that most people end up using. The interface for Glary utilities is presented very well. In the ‘Overview’ tab, you will find settings that you can quickly change your boot time and check for updates. The ‘1-click Maintenance’ tab allows you to take honor off the items that you would like to scan and the ‘Advanced Tools’ tab gets you to other tools in several categories including cleanup and repair optimize and improve privacy and security files and folders and system tools. Just like the others mentioned Glary utilities is available for all Windows operating systems running Windows XP or newer for personal use, it’s completely free.

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The free version has a limited feature. It provides only a few functionalities like Faster Computer, Problems Repairing, and Privacy Protection. Glary Utilities Professional version includes the features of the free version as well many other functionalities like Automatic Updating, Complete Cleaning, Automatic Maintenance, with additional features including free 24/7 technical support. The price for the Glary Utilities Professional version is $47.14 for a one-year subscription for 3PCs.

1. BleachBit

BleachBit- Disk-Cleaner-tool

Coming in at number one is BleachBit which is the only free and open-source Disk Cleaner tool in this article. It’s completely free and Improves your system performance and comes packed with the primary features that most people would ever need. Their interface is about as bare-bones as it can get which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Before you run a scan just select the categories and subcategories that you would like to include. Then click on the clean button in the upper left and let it do its thing. It’s just that simple. In addition to Windows bleach that is available for Linux but special versions for Mac OS and others.

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