How To Fix Binkw32.dll Error ?

What is binkw32.dll?


Binkw32.dll file is known as Dynamic-link Library. Binkw32.dll is used as a Microsoft Windows file member part for the product of video player software called Bink and Smacker. This file is created and developed by RAD Game Tools, Inc. Binkw32.dll file is component part of the Bink’s software development kit. Bink Video tools are group of the defacto video codec for video games, that is used in many Computer games widely. Bink Video tools is very much faster because of its multi-core scaling and SIMD design, and is used in computer games to open and play compressed videos file of particular game with high speed and high quality.Binkw32.dll file is available for the many different major and minor Operating System(OS) plateform like Windows, Android, IOS, Linux, Sony PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony PS3, Sony PSP2, Nintendo Wii and WiiU, MacOS.

Binkw32.dll error messages

The common binkw32.dll errors are given below

  1.  “Binkw32.dll Not Found”
  2. “Binkw32.dll Error Messages”
  3. “Cannot find binkw32.dll!”
  4. “Missing BINKW32.DLL”
  5. “The procedure entry point _BinkSetVolume@12 could not be located in the dynamic link library binkw32.dll.”
  6. “This application failed to start because BINKW32.DLL was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”
  7. “The procedure entry point _BinkSetMemory@8 could not be located in the dynamic link library binkw32.dll.”
  8. “An attempt to delay-load a .dll or get a function address in a delay-loaded .dll failed. Dll: binkw32.dll.”

What is binkw32.dll file error and when it occurs ?

There are so many reason for Binkw32.dll file error. Some time Binkw32.dll error occurs because when the two application sharing same file at time and one of the application is uninstalled, during the time when we uninstall the application binkw32.dll is also removed with application. Sometime if any modification is performed on the binkw32.dll file that time this error is occurs. An another possibility of this error is the process of installation or uninstallation is in the wrong way.


More possible causes of binkw32.dll errors

  1. Damaged or incorrect version of the binkw32.dll file.
  2. Incorrect installation and damaged third-party software.
  3. Failure of Driver update
  4. Failure of binkw32.dll installation.
  5. virus and maleware infections
  6. Corrup registry entries.


How to fix binkw32.dll errors?

  1. Restart the program or application (game) once agains may be error is generated due to temparary condition.
  2. Reinstall the application, sometime this error is caused because if any issue occurs with Bink Video codec due to which some functionality of the program or game is not responding.
  3. Always install updated and latested Apllicaion(game), because error may be caused if the game is outdated.
  4. Place the binkw32.dll file in root directory, in some cases binkw32.dll file is placesd in wrong folder while installing the game.
  5. Make sure that your windows should be updated because some time this error is when window is not updated.
  6. Scan For Viruses and malewares, viruses and malware are also causes for error of binkw32.dll.
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